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Oklahoma City Roofing Contractors


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Products and Services

Axtell Roofing depends on the kind words and referrals from its past customers. With a heavy emphasis on word-of-mouth referrals, Axtell Roofing also understands the importance of living up to those recommendations. We approach each Oklahoma City roofing contract with this in mind. Each job is approached as if it is our only chance to make an outstanding impression.

Roofing Materials
We work with roofing material suppliers that offer complete product lines, exceptional warranties, and quality. Even budget products can be well-made, and we actively seek the best products in each class. No matter what type of roof you need, we will recommend products in that category that meet our strict criteria for quality.

Not only is it important to select quality roofing materials, it’s also important to consider the right roofing products for your home and neighborhood. For example, if the homes in your neighborhood all feature slate roofs and you want to install wooden shingles, your homeowners association may have a problem with your selection. Similarly, we consider the home’s architectural style to ensure that the roofing materials selected are appropriate. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, we also consider whether the home is structurally able to handle heavier roofing materials like concrete tile and slate.

Roofing Services
Axtell Roofing offers a number of roofing services including:

• Roof Installation – Has your Oklahoma City’s roof seen better days? It may be time to install a new roof. We offer a complete roof replacement service with professional, local roofers and quality roofing materials.

• Roof Repairs – Whether you’re facing a roofing emergency or concerned that the small leak may turn into a major gusher, our roof repair team is ready to make the needed repairs. We offer an urgent response for high priority roof repairs so that those with an urgent need are served as quickly as possible.

• New Roof Construction and Remodels – We work directly with homeowners, home builders, and home remodelers, offering new roofing construction and remodeling services.

• Roof Inspections – Want to buy a new Oklahoma City home but concerned that its roof may be past its prime? Fighting with your insurance company over the condition of your roof? Have a third party roof inspection done and use it to make your case.

• Roof Removal/Disposal – Need to remove a roof in order to make room for a second story room addition? This is a dangerous job requiring professional roofers. We also take care of roof disposal once the roof has been safely removed.